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New Listing in TechCommGeekMom’s Education Resources Page!

Award Certificate There is a new program now listed in the Instructional Design Education Resources found on the ID/TC Education Resources page (see the tab above).

Many thanks to Stephen Roda for bringing to my attention the online Master’s of Education in Instructional Design and Technology program at Anna Maria College, located in Massachusetts. After looking at the course requirements, this looks like another great program to add to the list!

Go to the ID/TC Education Resources page, and download the Instructional Design Education Resources PDF that lists the link to this program and other great instructional design programs as well.

Do you know of another tech comm or instructional design program that isn’t listed in my information? Email me, and let me know!

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Ready to learn tech comm or instructional design in 2015? Check these out…

It's all about the learning, after all.
It’s all about the learning, after all.

Thanks to Jonathon Colman for bringing a new certificate program in Content Strategy at the University of Washington to my attention. As a result, the list for the Tech Comm Educational Resources on the TechCommGeekMom ID/TC Education page has been updated!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be taking some coursework in the new year. How about you? Need to spruce up some skills? Check out the TechCommGeekMom ID/TC Education page for resources (click the links in this post or the tab above) of various degrees and certificates available that I’ve collected over the past two or three years.

If you know of a program that’s not listed on my lists, or if there’s a link that needs updating on my lists, please let me know! I’d like to keep this as updated as I can, and I’ll be able to do so with your support!

Go ahead…go learn something this year!

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Building your mental muscles

Marc Schnau posted this on Google+ with the comment, “This should work properly with any language one is trying to learn. And not only while learning languages, Maybe this is valid for every kind of learning one will do.”

After watching this video, I think he’s completely correct. I know that the speaker in the video is correct with the idea of using shorter, intense sessions versus longer ones. One of my cousins is a personal trainer, and this is one of the methods he endorses with exercising, so the speaker is correct about it working with physical exercise of larger muscles. But Marc is right too–this applies to any kind of learning, not just with languages.

This video proved to be helpful to me, as there are events going on with my life that are leading me to try to figure out what I need to be learning next.

What do you think? Do you think this is hype, or do you think there’s some validity to this approach for learning anything, not just languages?

Add your comments below.

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Villegas Views: 2014 STC Summit was HOT!!

Photo by TechCommGeekMomAnother STC Summit has come and gone, and I got to go again this year, not only as a “veteran” Summit attendee, but also as a first-time presenter.

Check out the article I wrote for the STC Notebook, and see what I thought the big differences were this year:
Villegas Views: 2014 STC Summit was HOT!!

If you attended the 2014 STC Summit, what did you think about it? Comment below!

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Adobe Day at #STC14 Will Be Looking Towards the Future!

Doc and Marty McFly can't believe the fabulous information they are getting at Adobe Day @STC Summit 2014 . (They already went, and said it was fantastic--not to be missed!)
Doc Brown and Marty McFly can’t believe the fabulous information they got at Adobe Day at the STC Summit 2014. (They already went, and said it was fantastic–not to be missed!)

With each big conference that I attend, I always look forward to Adobe Day, and Adobe Day at the 2014 STC Summit is no exception.  You’ve probably read my past posts about Adobe Day from other conferences, so you know how rich in information they are. I’ve learned an enormous amount of information FOR FREE that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars from the leading experts in the field. It’s hard to find that anywhere else.

On Sunday morning, May 18th, 2014, Adobe is once again putting together a stellar group of technical communications luminaries to set our imaginations on fire! This year’s theme appears to be, “Vision 2020: The Demanding Job of a Technical Communicator.”  Based on the descriptions of each speaker’s talk during this morning session, each will be providing advice and tools–free of any product promotion–that can help make our demanding jobs easier and more productive.  I’ve heard all the speakers before in one way or another, and I can tell you that all of them are top rate. Most of them have spoken at previous Adobe Day events, and they are invited back time and time again because they have valuable information to share.

Kapil Verma of Adobe will be speaking about who he thinks are today’s technical communicators (hint: there’s more than one type!). Marcia Riefer Johnston will be talking about single-sourcing techniques she used to save her company USD$16,000! I’ve taken Marcia’s writing workshop and read her book, so I can tell you she have some marvelous tips. Kevin Siegel will be talking about how to combine something I love–e-learning–with technical documentation to make the documentation more dynamic and valuable! I’m looking forward to that.  Bernard Aschwanden–the STC’s newly elected vice-president–will be speaking about using content strategy to help promote revenue growth. And last, but not least, a panel including all the speakers plus Tom Aldous of Acrolinx, moderated by Matt Sullivan, looks like it will be quite the lively talk.

Did I mention that breakfast, snacks, and lunch are included, too? And it’s FREE?

I know–you are saying, “Great! I want to go! I don’t want to miss out on this!” Great! But you do have to register so that Adobe knows you are coming! Make sure you register by 11:59 PM PDT on May 16th, because you don’t want to miss out!

Register for Adobe Day @ STC Summit 2014

I will be covering the event LIVE on Twitter from my @techcommgeekmom account, so make sure to follow along, even if you are attending!

See you there!