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New TechCommGeekMom achievement! Top 25%!

I was excited to see the following email in my inbox this morning:


Wow! Top 25%? That’s not too shabby, and most of it is based on my lecture about blogging! Sweet!

If you are curious about these two presentations (and I have others, too),  check out this page.

Thanks to all who came to view or download my slide presentations! Hopefully I’ll have more of them in the future to share!

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10 plus best blog tips: Bloggers, just don’t do it…

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Blogging is worth it. I love it, but I write from experience today, meaning that yes, I violated many of my own rules when I started blogging. Still, why do you need to blunder through when so many…

Danielle M. Villegas‘s insight:

@DarinLHammond has written a fantastic article that is a appropriate follow-up to TechCommGeekMom’s Guide to How to Write a Blog Post. As I read it, I found that many of these things are steps that I did on my own, so it’s always great to have your own actions validated. There are even a few I need to follow-up on. This is definitely a must-read to any would-be bloggers.


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