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Writing Mobile Documentation: Rewrite or Cut — with Neil Perlin

After a few years of talking through social media alone, I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Perlin in person at the STC-PMC conference a couple weeks ago. I attended one of his presentations as well at the conference, and throughly enjoyed listening to him talk about mobile and other emerging technologies. I also enjoyed talking with him directly about these topics as well. He gave me some great personal advice along the way, and look forward to receiving more of his advice as time goes on. I’ve been a fan of his work, and I can understand why he’s a very popular speaker.

Neil gave a great presentation online through the TC Dojo by Single-Sourcing Solutions about writing for mobile, and it ties in very nicely with the presentation that I gave at the eLearning Conference 3.0 at Drexel University last week as a follow-up.  Here’s Neil’s presentation–I highly recommend watching it to get some great ideas about how to approach writing for mobile, whether it’s for technical communication or m-learning: