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In Conversation with Adobe: Danielle Villegas–Review of Marcia Riefer Johnston’s “Word Up”

While I was at the 2013 STC Summit, I was asked to talk to Adobe about Marcia Riefer Johnston’s book, Word Up, which we all know is a subject I’m happy to discuss.

Here is the end result–hey Ma, look! I’m on (Adobe) TV!

AdobeTV-STC13 - Danielle Villegas

In Conversation with Adobe
Thought Leadership Interview Series @ STC SUMMIT 2013

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Organizing Hard So Information Is Why?

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There’s been a great discussion about understanding content strategy that Val Swisher, Mark Baker and Marcia Riefer Johnston have engaged. Check out Marcia’s latest contribution to the conversation–which includes links to Val and Mark’s commentaries–for a great look at how technical communicators should be looking at content strategy, and how we can help others understand this complicated and complex topic in simpler terms.


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