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Is Social Learning Dead? Not At All!: Float Mobile Learning

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Dr. Gary Woodill resists the idea that social learning is dying. In fact, social learning may be in your organization’s best interests.

Danielle M. Villegas‘s insight:

Thanks to Chad Udell (@visualrinse) for posting this on Google+.

Gary Woodill is one of my favorite m-learning gurus. He writes insightful and easy-to-read articles, papers and books on m-learning, and was one of the pioneers to talk about it at length.  I was especially thrilled when he retweeted the link to my Whitepaper about m-learning in conjunction with human literacy and memory. It was like having someone like Mozart or Beethoven put their seal of approval on my musical composition.

I’ve noticed this trend that Gary mentions too, that once everyone gets used to a concept, then it’s deemed “old news” or “dead”, when it’s just that we’re comfortable with it now. Gary explains it very well here–a very good read.


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Whitepaper: The Future of Mobile Learning: Empowering Human Memory and Literacy

Yes, it’s official. I’ve written a whitepaper.

Actually, I wrote it a while ago, but just haven’t gotten around to reformatting it. This is actually a paper that I wrote for one of my classes recently just before I graduated, and it was edited by Mayra Aixa Villar. When editing the paper at the time, it was she who suggested that I either present this somewhere, or post it as a whitepaper here on my blog. Since I’m not able to get to any professional meeting anytime soon, I’m taking the latter suggestion, and posting it here. So, before anything else, many thanks to my friend Mayra for not only editing and providing criticism on this paper, but for helping me feel confident to put my work out there. (Muchas gracias, mi amiga querida!)

That being said, this whitepaper is entitled, “The Future of Mobile Learning: Empowering Human Memory and Literacy.” The basic concept behind this is that many of the basic elements that humankind formulated to enable memorization and literacy throughout history are basic elements that are used and needed in formulating the foundations of creating effective m-learning.

I hope my readers like the paper and find it helpful. Please download, pass around, and/or refer to this page! (Oh, and if you’d like me to present this somewhere, let me know! ;-))

Whitepaper: The Future of Mobile Learning: Empowering Human Memory and Literacy

Edited to add July 2015: This paper has now been presented three times as of July 2015, at the 2014 e-learning 3.0 Conference at Drexel University, at the 2015 STC-PMC Conduit/Mid-Atlantic Technical Conference, and as a presentation/workshop at the 2015 IEEE ProComm.