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So this is what Google Glass is about?

I’ve been rather fascinated by Google Glass, to say the least. I could see it as a potential useful tool, especially if it could be attached to my current prescription glasses! I wonder about its usefulness, and how, as a technical writer, content would be developed for such a tool/device.

Evidently, comedian Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live and Portlandia has thought about it. The first video below was sent to me from my husband. I’m pretty sure that many people think it probably works like this:

SNL’s Randall Meeks Reviews Google Glass on Weekend Update

Shortly after Fred did his bit on SNL, he went to check out a REAL pair and saw how it worked. It’s definitely still a work in progress!

You can read more about Fred’s adventure with the real Google Glass on Engadget.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how Google Glass develops in the next year. Will this be the next “it” device? Time will tell. I simply know I’m fascinated by it.

(Edited on 4/24/14 as the video links didn’t work anymore.)