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Social media is a Dirty Job, and Mike Rowe explains it cleanly.

mike-roweSomeone that I like to follow on Facebook is Mike Rowe. Some of you might know him as the host of the TV program, “Dirty Jobs” and countless voiceovers on other TV programs. He’s an interesting person because publicly, he does his best not to take political sides, and tries to promote the idea that there are a lot of skilled labor jobs out there waiting to be taken, even if they are “dirty jobs”. His big cause is helping people find work, and who can argue with that? He’s the advocate for the regular person doing regular jobs, and living a regular life. He’s incredibly well-spoken, and as such, he’s a compelling speaker (look up his TED talks).

Today he posted something on his Facebook feed which I felt incredibly compelling, and shows the power of social media at its finest. Many of these reasons are what I find to be the best about social media in general, not just about Facebook. ┬áRead Mike’s entry below, as it was posted on his Facebook page. Continue reading “Social media is a Dirty Job, and Mike Rowe explains it cleanly.”