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After the Summit: Was It All I Expected As a First-Timer?


Here’s the last post that I wrote about the 2013 STC Summit for the STC Notebook blog.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride with me.

Continue to watch my blog for more on Adobe Day at the 2013 STC Summit, and one last blog post about the Summit that will talk about the fun parts–some additional insights from my trip. I’ll also be writing for the STC Notebook on a monthly basis as well, so keep watching for those posts as well.

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At the Summit: Midnight Train [From] Georgia

051-Gladys-Knight-Midnight-Train-To-GeorgiaAll good things must come to an end, so must the STC Summit 2013. The last day of the conference was a half-day, but it was still packed with some great presentations and fun. It was time to go home (hence taking the Midnight Train FROM Georgia versus TO Georgia), but it was with the knowledge that so much had been gained in those few days.

Here’s the summary of my last day at the Summit:

At the Summit: Midnight Train [From] Georgia

There will be one last summary written for the STC Notebook, which will also be published here, so stay tuned!

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At the Summit: Closer I Am to Fine


This entry, posted at the STC Notebook, reviews my second full day at the STC Summit 2013.

It’s the ninth post of the “First-Timer’s Summit” series.  I have just two more entries to write up so that y’all have the full details! You’ll notice that I took a lot of content strategy courses during the Summit, but I threw in some variety as well.

Enjoy the article!
At the Summit: Closer I Am to Fine

P.S. The title of this post on the STC Notebook was mis-edited. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the titles of all my “At the Summit” posts are based on the titles or lyrics of songs by bands from the greater Atlanta area. The cover here corrects this particular title.
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At the Summit: Roam (If You Want To)

B52sSorry for the delay, but I was having too much fun at the STC Summit! Here’s second installment of my STC Notebook series while AT the Summit, which is the eighth installment of my STC Notebook series, “A First-Timer’s Summit.”

At the Summit: Roam (If You Want To)

Much, much more will be coming about the Summit! Stay tuned!

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At The Summit: I’ve got my Sprite, I’ve got my Orange Crush–and Coca-Cola too!

r-e-mHello all! I’m posting this while at the STC Summit, and I’m writing my reflections of the conference for each day. My reflection of the first day of the Summit can be found here.

I apologize for this being a very small post, but I’m writing it on my phone! (Behold the power of mobile!) Wifi availability is less than desirable here at the hotel. I’ll try to post from my iPad while in the lobby tomorrow. Enjoy!