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How 3D printing is changing the shape of lessons

Photo courtesy of BBC News

As many readers know, the “geek mom” side of me comes out when I see new technology. One of the new technologies that has been attracting my attention is 3D printing. So, yes, this is another article about 3D printing. In this case, it’s about how 3D printing is becoming a more embedded part of the British school curriculums, which is something I had heard about a year ago. Britain is making a concerted effort to bring more computing and other STEM technologies into the classroom for children as young as kindergarten, as they feel that technology training starting at a younger age will help prepare students for a world in which technology will play a greater part in the workplace as they become adults. I agree with this. I’m still amazed to see teenagers who have no to little basic software skills, like barely know the basics of Microsoft Office, let alone having a basic understanding of how computers and the internet works. In the United States, very few school systems are adopting any kind of similar curriculums simply because a)it’s too expensive, or b) the teachers don’t have the training to teach the information, or both.

This article is mostly about a young girl who is taking advantage of the 3D printing available to her through her school, and she is taking off with big designs and ideas. This is the kind of inspiration that we need to encourage in more students! She is definitely the future, and I’m hoping there will be more like her out there, given the opportunity.

How 3D printing is changing the shape of lessons

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3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom

MP900384770Surprisingly enough, this post is TechCommGeekMom’s 300th post! As you know, I try to combine my original writing with curated content. I wanted to write something that was positive for my 300th post, and struggled to think of something I wanted to comment on that’s currently on my mind.

Now and then, I also get suggestions of sort to contribute. Someone who often sends me material is Muhammad Saleem at Many times, he sends good stuff, but it’s not always what I think is in line with TechCommGeekMom. This time, while it might not seem in line with what I usually write about–it is. This is a very cool infographic about 3D Printing. While there is no question that mobile is here and will be playing a bigger part in education as time goes on, this may be the next step as well. We talk about teaching students new skills for the future–why not learn how to use 3D printing? This might become a big part of the manufacturing world, in time, so I imagine the skills will be sorely needed in due time. One of the things I liked about this infographic was that my undergraduate alma mater, the University of Mary Washington, was listed as one of schools using 3D printers already! (And just so you know, Mary Washington is not known as a tech or engineering school, but it looks like it’s still gearing up for a more technologically advanced future. Did you know that MOOC supporter Jim Groom, who coined the term, “EduPunk,” works and teaches at UMW? True.)

So without further ado, compliments of and Muhammad, here’s something cool for my 300th post!

How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize the Classroom