A new milestone for TechCommGeekMom!


Yes, you are reading that correctly. Today, I crossed the 20,000 all-time hits mark on my blog. And no, it wasn’t my husband going to my page and hitting the refresh key several times either. (I made sure to tell him not to do that!) I’m thrilled!

I still realize this is small potatoes compared to many tech comm blogs out there. I think I would’ve hit this mark earlier if this past February hadn’t been so slow and bogged down from everyone dealing with the worst winter in recent memory. Nonetheless, I’m finally here in the 20K club!

Whenever I get to this point, I always feel like someone who just won an award on one of those shows like the Academy Awards, the BAFTAs, the Grammys, etc. I want to thank everyone who has supported me so far with my little blog, and have encouraged me to keep going with it. I will always think of this blog as a work-in-progress. Hopefully, it will grow not only with more readers, but that I grow in the process, and the quality of the content grows as well. I honestly appreciate my readers!

Thank you! Onwards to the 25, 000 mark!

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