Google, Microsoft team up to bring Super Wi-Fi to rural USA | ExtremeTech

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This initiative, called AIR.U, hopes to use the white space spectrum to bring between 20 and 100Mbps of wireless connectivity to rural educational institutions, which will then provide internet access to local communities.

Thanks to my friend and occasional guest blogger, Shay Shaked, for finding this and pointing it out to me.

Based on my post from yesterday, THIS is much like what I was talking about. We need it in the rural areas, but we need it in more populated areas as well. This technology could even now be helping a lot of people who don’t have much power on their phones, and help them stay abreast of events where they are located in the event of an emergency.

It appears we DO have the technology to do this…so we need to make more of an effort to make this happen! This is the sort of infrastructure jobs that can help build this country back up.


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One Response to Google, Microsoft team up to bring Super Wi-Fi to rural USA | ExtremeTech

  1. I didn’t think there could be another Next Big Thing, but this sure sounds like it. I love the ExtremeTech article’s phrase “bringing broadband to the boonies.”

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